A Muslim

Al-Ahmadiyya, January 1979 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 19)

He is an Israelite in following the Ten Commandments of God and the law of retribution with its legitimate bounds.

He is a follower of Christ, doing away with all the rituals of the Pharisees, and denouncing their hypocritical observances. He observes the Law of Mercy promulgated on the Mount of Olive when it leads to reclamation. His object is reformation through mercy or retribution, as the case may be.

He is an Arya-Hindu in breaking images, and a Sanatandharmi in paying respect to all the godly men of any nation and country.

He is a Buddhist in preaching self-effacement as the key to salvation.

He is a Unitarian to establish the unity of God.

In short, he embraces — through the Quran — every beauty in every religion, and turns his face from what has been added to the religion of God by man; and this is ISLAM!