Introducing ‘Al-Ahmadiyya’

by the Editor, Sheikh Muhammad Tufail

Al-Ahmadiyya, January 1979 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 3)

The march of science and the high tide of materialism cannot obliterate the need of an invincible guiding factor in our lives, which we call God. We have, wilfully or otherwise, severed our relationship with Him and have plunged ourselves in a state of distress and agonising uncertainty about our future and true happiness. The object of the Ahmadiyya Move­ment is to restore this broken link between man and God with­out which no permanent peace is possible even in our mundane affairs.

The Ahmadiyya Movement is neither a new religion nor a new sect in Islam (in the accepted sense of the term). It is a move­ment for the regeneration of Islamic thoughts and values, a movement for the revival of Islam as a whole in its pristine purity, a movement for the restoration of Islam towards which the world must move to solve many of its moral and social problems.

During my thirty-year stay in this part of the world, I have found that the West, in many respects, is not moving away, but is gradually moving towards the basic ideology and principles of Islam, without admitting by name the true source of this incli­nation. The same is true about the Ahmadiyya Movement. The Muslims are generally accepting the interpretation of Islam presented to the world by the Founder [Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian] and his followers, al­though the names of the Founder and the Movement are not appro­ved and acknowledged, and the propaganda of accusation and defama­tion is being conducted on a large scale in many countries.

The object of starting Al-Ahmadiyya is to remedy this situation. It is our desire to present a simple and true picture of Islam to our readers and at the same time remove misunderstandings about the Ahmadiyya Movement.

The publication of such a journal was long overdue. We are aware of the insignificance of the means at our disposal and the dangers — external and internal — which surround our small community in the world. But our helplessness and weakness in material resources would not deter us from delivering the message of Islam and the Movement to mankind. We have firm faith in the ultimate victory of our cause.

The Founder once remarked:

“The time is approaching when God will grant worldwide popularity to this movement, and this dispensation will spread in the East and the West and in the North and the South and all over the world. … This is the revelation of God on High for Whom nothing is impossible” (Tohfa-e-Glarwia, p. 56).

And our last word is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the universes. May our humble efforts succeed in the cause of truth and righteousness.