Poem: The Eternal One

by Jameela Maude

Al-Ahmadiyya, May 1979 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 12)

All praises be to God on high,
Who to mankind doth give
The power and the fruits thereof
That ever we may live.

Thy bounteous mercy did provide
Whilst we were yet unborn.
Thy favours with us e’er abide,
N’er let us be forlorn.

We see Thy sun, Thy moon, Thy stars,
We see Thy handiwork.
And emperors and kings and czars,
Thy mandates cannot shirk.

Our inmost being longs to cry,
“All praises be to Thee.”
Our actions ruled by Thee e’er nigh,
Make us near perfect be.

At break of day and noon, and when
The sun climbs slowly by.
At even-tide and night, e’en then
Do prayers reach the sky.

We try to live at one with Thee,
And obey Thy command,
That in the end we all shall be
In Thy vast presence grand.

Oh Allah, hear us when we call,
And help us every day.
Who art to us our all in all,
The Light to show the way.