Our Teachings [Part 3]

From the Work, ‘Kisthi-i-Nuh’ [Noah’s Ark]

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light & Islamic Review (US), March/April 1992 Issue (Vol. 69, No. 2, p. 3)

Editor’s Note: The serialisation of extracts from this book which deal with the teachings of Islam, as particularly stressed by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, continues below from the last issue.

Again, I say to you, do not consider it sufficient that you have performed the outward act of taking the pledge (to join this Movement). An outward act is nothing; God looks at your hearts, and deals with you accordingly. I say this, and by it fulfil my duty of delivering the message, that sin is a poison, so do not take it. Disobedience to God is an abominable death. Avoid it. Pray that you be given strength for it.

My True Followers:

He who, while praying, does not consider God as being powerful to bring about everything, except where it is contrary to what the Almighty Himself has promised, is not of my Jamaat (followers). He who forsakes not falsehood and deceit is not of my Jamaat. He who is embroiled in the greed of this world, not even raising his eyes to look to the next, is not of my Jamaat. He who does not truly give precedence to religion over worldly interests is not of my Jamaat. He who does not repent fully of every evil and wickedness, such as drinking, unlawful earning, lust, dishonesty, bribery, and every other iniquity, is not of my Jamaat.

He who is not regular in the five daily prayers is not of my Jamaat. He who is not constantly supplicating before God, remembering Him with humility, is not of my Jamaat. He who forsakes not the sinful companion, who is casting a bad influence upon him, is not of my Jamaat. He who does not honour his parents, obeys them not in fair matters which are not against the Quran, and is negligent of serving them, is not of my Jamaat. He who does not show gentleness and goodness towards his wife and her relatives is not of my Jamaat. He who deprives his neighbour of the least good is not of my Jamaat. He who is not willing to forgive those who wrong him, and is vindictive, is not of my Jamaat.

He who breaks in any way the promise he made when taking the pledge (to join this Movement) is not of my Jamaat. He who does not believe in me in fact to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi is not of my Jamaat. He who is not ready to obey me in all fair matters is not of my Jamaat. He who mixes with the opponents (of this Movement) and nods in agreement with them is not of my Jamaat. Every fornicator, unrighteous, drunkard, murderer, thief, gambler, unfaithful, usurper, wrongdoer, deceiver, fabricator, slanderer of his brothers and sisters, and one who mixes with such people, who does not repent of his wicked deeds, and leaves not bad company, is not of my Jamaat.

God, the All-powerful Supporter of the Righteous:

All these are poisons; you cannot be saved if you take them. Light and darkness cannot be in the same place together. Every one of a sly and cunning nature, who is not open before God, cannot receive the blessing which is granted to those who are candid of heart. How fortunate are those who purify their hearts, cleansing them of every dross, and make a resolution to be faithful to God, for they shall not be lost. God will most certainly not disgrace them, for they are God’s and God is theirs. They shall be saved at every time of trial. Stupid is the adversary who plots against them, for they are in the bosom of God, and He is their supporter. Who is it that have faith in God? Only those who are such. Likewise, foolish is the man who is worried about one who is a brazen sinner, of an evil nature and mischievous minded, for he shall himself be destroyed. Ever since God created heaven and earth, it has never happened that He destroyed and annihilated the good people; on the contrary, He has shown mighty works for them, and will do so even now. He is a faithful God, and for those faithful to Him His wonderful works are manifested. The world wishes to swallow them up, and all enemies gnash their teeth against them, but He Who is their friend saves them from every place of destruction, and makes them triumphant in every field. How pure and holy is the man who holds fast to such a God. We believe in Him, and we have found Him.