Diary: The “Last” Prophet

The Light & Islamic Review (US), May/June 1992 Issue (Vol. 69, No. 3, p. 15)

We have before us the book Jesus in India, which is an English translation of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Masih Hindustan Mein, produced by the Qadiani/Rabwah organisation in May 1962. On page 78, a footnote from chapter 4, section 1 of the book, is translated as follows:

“In the Torah there was a promise to the Jews, that if they believed in the “last” prophet they would be given, after passing through much suffering, kingship and rulership. That promise was fulfilled by the ten tribes of Israel adopting Islam.”

Why, we ask, have quotation marks been placed around the word last? The original Urdu just says Akhari nabi which plainly means last prophet. This statement is such a clear affirmation by Hazrat Mirza that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet that the Qadianis have had to misrepresent the original in this absurd manner. What meaning do they actually wish to convey by saying “last” prophet instead of last prophet? Perhaps they would care to explain.