Obituary of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah

The Light & Islamic Review (US), September/October 1992 Issue (Vol. 69, No. 5, p. 7)

It is with deep regret that we record the death, on June 18th 1992, of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah in California, at the age of 87 years — inna li-llahi wa inna ilai-hi rajiun. The Marhum [ deceased] left India for Fiji in 1930 and served the Muslims there in the field of education. He also arranged for a Lahore Ahmadiyya missionary to come to Fiji to repulse the Arya Samaj’s virulent attacks on Islam.

Since 1959 Mr. Abdullah had lived in the U.S.A. and was active in the propagation of Islam. He helped Warith Deen Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad, to steer the Black Muslims towards main-stream Islam. He also nobly participated in the work of our Jamaat in the U.S.A. May Allah admit him to His Mercy and Protection – Ameen!