To our Esteemed Readers

A Report and an Appeal

by the Editor (Dr. Zahid Aziz)

The Light & Islamic Review (US), January/February 1993 Issue (Vol. 70, No. 1, p. 19)

We have been publishing The Light and Islamic Review in its present form since late 1991, and this is the 9th issue to appear. We have done our best to ensure that the articles are informative, interesting, topical, and new. (New here includes Urdu material which is appearing for the first time in English, and other previously published valuable material which is no longer generally known.) Many of the articles were written specially for The Light. We hope that this helped to improve the quality of the magazine.

In order to meet the needs of its readers properly, a journal must establish effective communication with them. Your frank opinion on any aspect of the publication is required. Your suggestions are needed regarding what kind of articles should appear. Any items you come across in the media, which you feel we ought to take note of, are also welcome if you forward them. If you have questions on religious subjects, we can attempt to answer them. And those who wish to contribute their own articles can have the assurance that, as long as an article is relevant and appropriate to the scope of this magazine, we will give the highest priority to publishing it at the earliest opportunity.


There are undoubtedly problems of time because The Light is edited and prepared in England, then sent for printing in the U.S.A., and finally, from there, it is despatched to readers all over the world, mostly by surface mail. Our target is that normally the printing of an issue should be completed around the beginning of the first month named on the issue, so that it should have reached every reader before the end of the second month (many receiving it by the middle of that month).

Thus, under normal circumstances, many readers would have received this issue, dated January–February 1993, by the middle of February. However, the voluntary workers of this Movement who produce this magazine have sometimes other unavoidable engagements which cause delays in its publication. In this case, attending the annual gathering in Lahore in December [1992] / January [1993] has meant that this issue could not go to press till sometime in February, and will reach you late. For this we can only apologise.