Lighthouse Magazine:

The Magazine for Muslim Youth

December 2007 Issue (Vol. 5)

Table of Contents:

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  • What does the Quran say about Prophet Jesus?
  • Patience with Children by Mrs Munira Rahman
  • Remembering Allah by Hajira Ahmed
  • Sacrifice
  • A Letter from Santa from Haroon
  • What is it that the Pilgrims do at Hajj [Pilgrimage]? — A Quick Overview:
    • A Few Days before Hajj
    • First Day [8th Dhul Hijjah]
    • Second Day [9th Dhul Hijjah]
    • Third Day [10th Dhul Hijjah]
    • Fourth Day [11th Dhul Hijjah]
    • Fifth Day [12th Dhul Hijjah]
  • Interview someone who has performed the Hajj
  • Hajj Word Scramble
  • How Good of a Family Member are You?
  • Healthy Living in Islam: Eat Right and Stay in Shape by Fazeel Sahukhan
  • Dr. Ayesha Answers:
    • Why do we bow down while praying?
    • Can Muslims celebrate Christmas?
  • Talbiyah — The Pilgrim’s Prayer

Editor: Dr. Zainib Ahmad