Poem: Ramadan

Lighthouse Magazine, April to May 2022 Issue (p. 1)

Hello, my tummy says,
remember me?
Where’s the food?
Can someone please pass me a burger
and some fries?

It’s Ramadan, we will take a break
From this nonstop filling of the tank.

But why? moans my tummy
Food is a gift from Allah,
Give me the blessings!

Hey, what about me?
My soul chimes in,
When the tummy empties
The soul grows stronger
It’s all about awareness

There’s more to life
than eating and drinking,
So take a break
from the routines of life,
from autopilot

I listen to tummy and soul,
Falling and rising,
I see myself grow stronger,
Each morsel more precious,
Each prayer more heartfelt;
Thank you for awakening me,