Ramadan and Fasting

by Leila and Danial Raja

Lighthouse Magazine, April to May 2022 Issue (pp. 2–3)

Today, we are going to talk about Ramadan. It is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, the month of fasting when you don’t eat or drink anything during the daytime. Muslims fast during Ramadan because it was in that month on one night the Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of the Holy Quran from God. Before that happened, he had been fasting and praying for a very long time. He wanted to get closer to God.

Even though we’re too young to fast, we have learned fasting is not all about being hungry. It’s a time to think more about God and doing the right thing. The Prophet Muhammad said God has no need for us to go hungry if we don’t stop doing bad stuff. So, fasting is about trying even more to do what is right and to remember God is always watching what we do. It’s also about learning to be more thankful and giving.

Also, what we are supposed to learn from fasting is that even though we get really hungry and thirsty, we don’t break our fast because we remember that God sees everything. He will know if we break our fast. It’s like making a promise to God. We don’t want to break our promise. So, we should make a promise to God in our life to follow the right path and not do wrong things. We should remember if we do bad stuff, God will know. For example, if we bully, hurt people, steal, cheat, lie, and call people bad names, God will know.

Fasting should make us think about getting closer to God and that God is always watching us. When we fast, we should think more about how to be an even better person. And if we’re not fasting, we should still remember this, that God is always watching us no matter what. We can never hide anything from God, big or small.