God Reveals Himself to Man (God Speaks to Man)

The Islamic Guardian (UK), January to March 1985 Issue (Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 11–12)

The only real and lasting proof ever received by mankind that God does truly exist, is that of Divine revelation; when God Himself speaks to man revealing His existence, Unity, Power, and Grace. It is only then that we may be assured the He is, and that He is a Living God.

In the world today, the Holy Quran, God’s revelation to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), stands as the only everlasting proof of the existence of a Living God. This is because the Holy Quran is the only Holy writ which stands as true and immutable words worthy of the Creator, Administrator, Cherisher and Guide of the universe and humanity. It is free of untruth, discrepancies, conflicts, irregularities, indecent words, and unreasonable and illogical concepts. Indeed, the Holy Quran openly challenges all the known and unknown powers and intellect to bring forth a comparable writ.

God’s Word and His work bear testimony to each other, and just as the like to His Word cannot be produced, the like of His work cannot be matched. Just as His True Word revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) is immutable and free from defect, so too are the laws He made in order to govern the heavens and the earth. The Holy Quran presents a Lord and Creator whose attributes are the most sublime and perfect, a God of all-comprehensive, impartial, inexhaustive beneficence, mercy, majesty and mighty; One free from all defects and comprising all virtue; One who does not suffer from change, and in Whom lies the salvation of mankind.

God has revealed ninety-nine of His attributes in the Holy Book. These reveal something of His nature. It is obvious that all of His Power and Glory cannot be conceived by our limited vision. He has, therefore, granted us such knowledge as He considers necessary so that we may achieve nearness to Him.

Ninety-nine Attributes:

For this reason, Allah has revealed those of His attributes in which He wants us to discover the source of all the most sublime human morality that is necessary for us to emulate so that we may walk in the fullest light and love Divine. These attributes have been revealed so that we may know what human perfection is. Allah, or the concept conveyed through the attributes He has revealed, is the prototype which must be emulated if man is to fulfil truly the object of our creation.

Prayer is the means of developing these attributes in humans. It should be said in such a way that His presence is felt to permeate the worshipper. Prayer should be for guidance and strength to remain steadfast in all our affairs and this can only be achieved if we remember Allah in all our affairs. That is why we are commanded to begin all our affairs by remembering Allah and reciting

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.

In so doing, we ask for God’s help, and having exerted every effort, leave the final outcome to God. But most important, we seek to conduct our affairs in virtue and goodness, and to the benefit, rather than detriment of humanity.