Poem: Welcome to Islam

by M.R. Edun

The Islamic Guardian (UK), July to September 1981 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 25)

Dear friends let me take you by the hand,
And welcome you to the Promised land,
Of Islam, with all its beauty, all its charms,
To live in peace and harmony, among the brotherhood of man.

So come to Islam which is forever summer,
It will brighten your life hour by hour,
And make this world a better place to live,
To enjoy the blessing and bounty God give.

So let me invite you to be a Muslim and be free,
To glorify God and serve humanity,
By practising Islam as it should be,
For good deeds you do will live through Eternity.

So dear Muslims and non-Muslim friends,
Islam is the beginning and the end,
Of life and death, and the after-life spell,
And will save you from the burning fires of hell.

And if Islam’s teaching seems so strange,
By being a true Muslim can bring a change,
Mankind will do no harm,
Don’t be surprised, this is Islam.