Bismillah by Mushtari Begum (Bijnor)


by Mushtari Begum (Bijnor)

The Islamic Review (UK), April 1916 Issue (Vol. 4, No. 4, p. 173)

Praise be to Thee, my God, Lord of the worlds;
O Merciful, Compassionate art Thou,
The King of all on the Day of Reckoning,
Thee only do we worship and adore.
To Thee, Most Merciful, we cry for help;
O guide us ever more on the straight path,
The path of those to whom Thou gracious art;
On whom Thine anger falls not then, nor now,
The path of them from Thee that do not stray.

Musthari Begum (Bijnor [India])

[Note: The above is a free translation in rhyme of the opening chapter [Al-Fatihah] of the Holy Quran, which is recited repeatedly in all the five prayers of the day and night by a Muslim.]