The Islamic Review:

Official Magazine of the Woking Muslim Mission, Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, UK; and, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore, California, USA

July 1942 Issue (Vol. 30, No. 7)

Table of Contents:

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  • Declarations by:
    • Mr. C. J. Tozer, 31 Greyhound Lane, Streatham SW16
    • Mrs Annie Morrison, 16 Leckie Street, Glasgow S3
    • Miss E. Khalida Grey, N. A. A. F. I., St. Swithun’s School, Winchester
  • In Memoriam — Shaikh Jahangir Mia Sahib of Mangrol, Gujarat, India
  • The Holy Quran and its Commentary (Part 39) by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din
  • The Crown of Humanity (Part 3) by Rabial Karim:
    • The Right of Humanity
    • The Echo of the Mind
  • The Government of the Holy Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)] — Its Establishment and Administration (Part 1) by Dr. Hamidullah [A paper read in a special meeting of the Historical Society, Uthmania (Osmania) University College, Hyderabad, India]:
    • The Surroundings of the Holy Prophet
    • The Holy Advent
    • The Mission of the Prophet
    • Training for Rulership
    • How Kingdoms are established: The Kingdom of the Holy Prophet
    • The Beginning of the Task
    • Attack on Imperialistic Foreign Powers
    • Manga Carta of Civic Rights
  • Correspondence:
    • “Love under the Axis”

Publisher: The Woking Muslim Mission and Literary Trust, The Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, Surrey, England