Kindness of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) towards Animals

The Islamic Review (UK), January/February 1981 Issue (Vol. 1, Nos. 4–5, p. 10)

“His humanity even extended itself to the lower creation. He forbade the employment of living birds as targets for marksmen, and remon­strated with those who ill-treated their camels. When some of his follow­ers had set fire to an anthill he compelled them to extinguish it. Foolish acts of cruelty which were connected with old superstitions were swept away by him with other institutions of paganism. No more was a dead man’s camel to be tied to his tomb to perish of thirst and hunger. No more was the evil eye to be propitiated by the blinding of a certain pro­portion of the herd. No more was the rain to be conjured by tying burn­ing torches to the tails of oxen and letting them loose among the cattle. Horses were not to be hit on the cheek; and their manes and tails were not to be cut, the former being meant by nature for their warmth, and the latter as a protection against flies. Asses were not to be branded or hit on the face. Even the cursing of cocks and camels was discouraged.” — S. Margoliouth