Muhammad the Servant of Allah

Official Magazine of the Woking Muslim Mission, Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, UK

The Islamic Review (UK), April 1981 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 7, p. 11)

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had made his advent into the world in the sixth century after Christ. He was chosen by Allah to take the universal Message of God’s Religion to all the nations of the earth.

He is not God but the Messenger of God, who declared that all men are created equal but that those who gain the highest eminence before the Divine Throne are those who qualify as the Faithful Servants of God.

Muhammad declared himself and all the previous Prophets of God such as Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Jesus, etc., as equal servants of God, who were all responsible for the gradual development and civilization of humanity.

While the other Prophets were national Prophets, Muhammad was a universal Prophet for his mission was not confined to his own people as the other Prophets’ were confined, but his mission was to bring all the nations of the world to the belief and worship of the same God as a first step in the unification of the human race.

Muhammad set for humanity an example to be a perfect servant of God, which is really, as he said, the highest and noblest designation of man. He taught man the true meaning of justice and egalitarianism in his practices when he was undis­puted ruler over nations, as well as when he was leading a few Arabs in the estab­lishment of Islam.

As a leader he gave us the best concepts of equality or egalitarianism by living as the humblest of his followers had lived. His general behaviour set the pattern of world justice, equality and fraternity, for he lived the life of an ordinary labourer despite his being the ruler of the mightiest nation of his time.

No world leader after Muhammad has ever been raised to a position of such reverence as Muhammad, for none has set a higher standard of morality and jus­tice. His morals based upon Islam’s spirit of self-sacrifice, service, simplicity, honesty, fellow-feeling and faith in Allah, gave to him the highest designation of manhood, that is, the Servant of God.

“Man’s greatest achievement,”

said Muhammad,

“is to be a servant of God which makes him in turn a selfless helper in the cause of humanity.”

Muhammad declared:

“The earth will ever be in turmoil as long as its kings and rulers do not regard themselves as servants of God and be obedient only unto the Divine Will.”