Poem: Precious Stones

by Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed

The Islamic Review (UK), August/September 1984 Issue (Vol. 4, Nos. 11–12, p. 19)

A poem written after the Government dismantled the stone-carved Kalima from the façade of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Mosque in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in April 1984

I don’t collect precious stones,
But these ones I must keep.
My heart is filled with sorrow,
But I’ll try not to weep.

I pick some stones and save them,
I hold my tears with a heavy heart.
Of a KALIMA that once graced a MOSQUE,
These precious stones are a part.

The Kalima is trodden and Azan now banned,
The ‘idol-breakers’, O ALLAH, now the Mosques break.
Before people recognise the truth once again,
O Allah, what sacrifice will it take.

When will peace and freedom come,
How long shall the call of Azan stay choked.
When will God’s help come, I ask,
How long will freedom remain yoked.

Lo and Behold? His help is nigh,
Just till Moharram wait,
For us every instant is Moharram, God,

Abdul Karim Saeed Pasha
April 1984