The Object of ‘The Light’

The Light (Pakistan), 16th December 1921 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 1)

The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam, Lahore, which is known for its activities for the spread of Islam in foreign countries and in India, has realised the need of educating, in the faith of Islam, the English-knowing section of the Indian Muslims, especially young men. Need has also been felt of presenting a comparative study of Christianity and Islam, with the sincerest hope of enlightening our Christian fellow-countrymen and acquainting Muslims with the views represented in the Christian scriptures. We are keen on an impartial treatment of holy subjects, which shall be approached with profound respect.

The columns of this paper shall be open to correspondents with a view to pro­viding them with an opportunity of ex­pressing their views for the benefit of others. An equally useful purpose will be served by communicating to us questions, which we shall attempt to answer according to the light granted to us.