Islam Replacing Christianity in the West

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

The Light (Pakistan), 1st January 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 3–4)

In spite of the passionate endeavours of the Christian nations to annihilate Islam and the Khilafat, in spite of the invidious [abusive] literature which is disseminated in the West with the object of prejudicing the masses against Islam, Islam is making head­way and enlisting the dissatisfied Westerners at the very centre of its opposition, exactly as Moses was once being brought up in the very palace of the Pharoah. The faith is indebted for this wonderful success to the soundness of its teachings. The creed, free as it is from all traces of dogma, is so reasonable, that it cannot but command allegiance. Its principles are of universal ap­plication not only in the sense that they are in perfect harmony with the human nature, which is the same all the world, over, but also in the sense that they are as easily under­stood by the illiterate as by the learned. God is one, is the chief principle, round which all interest, and all institutions must centre. God is one means that all the lands and all the nations have the same Supreme Being to look to; the Indians have their wants ministered by the self-same God as looks after the Europeans, the Americans, and the Africans. The whole universe indeed falls within the jurisdiction of one and the same Governing Being. The administration of the universe with so wonderful an efficiency as we are admiringly aware of, cannot be attributed to more than One Mighty and All-knowing Sovereign. It there were more than one God in existence, the heavens and the earth must long have collapsed.

“If there were several Gods in them (i.e., the heavens and the earth), they must have gone wrong” (The Holy Quran [21:22]).

What is said in the Holy Quran finds a tragic and sorrowful illustration of it in the late War [World War I]. The Christian Kings of Europe, possessed as they were with the passion of domination and self-assertion, have destroyed the peace of the world.

The unity of God implies unity of purpose throughout the administration of the universe, as is met within its diverse spheres. This unity of purpose must also be exhibited in revealing God’s will and word to the various nations. The teachers, who have been commissioned from time to time for this sacred task, must strike the chord of the Oneness of God. AII of them having been sent by the self-same God, must be accorded profoundest respect, and no dis­tinction be made in the acceptance of them. This has been urged in the various texts of the Holy Quran.

“We do not make distinction in any of the prophets.” [The Holy Quran, 2:136]

Islam, as propounded in the Holy Quran, demands that we should believe in one God, who is the Cherisher and Evolver of all the worlds, and that we should believe, as a result of it, that spiritual dispensation has been as universal as the human creation itself. Accordingly, a Muslim believes in Moses, Jesus, Lord Krishna, Ram Chandraji Maharaj, Baba Nanak Sahib and others, in the same way as he believes in the Holy Prophet of Islam.

With regard to practices, we reproduce what, was observed by the Holy Prophet in reply to a question.


said he,

“con­sists in cherishing profoundest respect for God, and tenderest love for His creatures,”

Our sympathy with God’s creatures is a fruit, which our love of God should bear. Unless we exercise kindness without distin­ction of race and creed, unless our charity be shared equally by man, bird and beast, wo cannot claim to be good and rightful Mus­lims

These conceptions and practices, reason­able and beneficial as they evidently are, cannot fail to make a successful appeal to the mind and heart of man, in whichever clime he may be residing. No wonder then that the Westerners are giving up their untenable and superstitious religion in preference to Islam.