New Islamic Conquests

The Light (Pakistan), 16th February 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 2)

Islam is losing everywhere politically, and the conquests of Islam may sound strange to all ears. Yet the fact is that Islam is gaining ground exactly where a religion should gain ground. Christianity with all the wealth at its command and with the legion of missionaries working in all the Muslim countries has not been able to win over to its ranks men of the learning and ability of the English converts which a single Muslim mission at Woking has won over to Islam.

The latest addition to the ranks of Islam there are:

  • Mr Ahmad Felix Valyi, the editor of a loading Paris journal, La Revue Politique Internationale, who is recognised as one of the famous literary men of Europe;
  • Mr Bashir Pickard, a graduate of Cambridge;
  • Mr. Bloodworth, President, Spiritual Society; and,
  • Mrs Hameeda Williams, President, Theosophical Circle.

The con­quests of Islam shall continue until it is made triumphant over all the religions of the world in accordance with the Divine promise.