Important Notice

The Light (Pakistan), 16th March 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 7, p. 4)

We are sending The Light to some sub­scribers without having taken their previous consent with the hope that they will patronise the paper. They are hereby requested to com­municate their decision to the Manager within a week from the receipt of this issue so that if some of them do not like to subscribe to it we may stop sending them the paper in future. In case of their silence, we will assume that they have approved to be a subscriber.

Such of our subscribers as have not yet remitted the subscription of The Light are earnestly requested to send the same at their earliest convenience, as the subscription is strictly payable in advance. As the paper is not sent per V.P.P. [value payable post, i.e., subscription money paid at the time of receiving the magazine via the postal service] they should please remit their subscription by money order or postage stamps.