Notes: Important Questions

The Light (Pakistan), 16th March 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 7, p. 1)

In a series of queries put forward by a group of students, nearly all of them Muslims, at a club meeting of the Y.M.C.A. [Young Men’s Christian Association] in Constantinople [present-day Istanbul, Turkey], the following questions are very important and deserve the serious attention of the Christian missionaries:

  • What kind of satisfaction will they (people) have in the Hereafter?
  • What way does Christianity believe in that?
  • The whole of humanity believes in the sacredness of the prophets, whereas some Holy Books speak against part of the prophets. As this is a thing which cannot be put side by side with the merits of prophets, it seems that all those sayings are not true. In that case, do such Books not lose their sacredness?
  • According to the justice of God, a man must not be responsible for the sins which another man commits; therefore, how would you explain the fact that all men were held responsible for the sin which Adam had committed?
  • Some religions divide man into two parts: spiritual and physical. How may this be allowed from the human equality point of view?
  • The real Christianity orders men to treat one another with humility, kindness and softness. Why then are there but few Christians who do so?

Will any of the Christian journals, including the so-called Muslim World, gather courage to answer these questions? If they are rightly answered, Christianity will be put to a very hard test.