Notes: Islam’s Marvellous Power

The Light (Pakistan), 15th May 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 11, p. 1)

The rapid spread of Islam without any organised efforts for its propagation has often aroused the curiosity of the Christian propagandist, who has sometimes attributed it to the individual zeal of the Muslims and sometimes to the political power of Islam.

But Professor Montch finds its explanation in the intrinsic beauty of the religion. His opinion, coming from a Christian pen, carries weight and must be appreciated not by Muslims only but by non-Muslims as well. He says:

“Islam is a religion that is essentially rationalistic in the widest sense of this term considered etymologically and historically. To believers, the Muhammadan creed is summed up in belief in the unity of God and in the mission of His Prophet; and to ourselves, who coldly analyse his doctrines to belief in God and future life; these two dogmas, the minimum of religious belief, state­ment that to the religious man rest on the firm basis of reason, sum up the whole doctrinal teaching of the Quran. The simplicity and the clearness of this teaching are certainly among the most obvious forces at work in the religion and the missionary activity of Islam. … A creed so precise, so stripped of all theological complexities and consequently so accessible to the ordinary understanding might be expected to possess and does indeed possess a marvellous power of winning its way into the consciences of men.”

This shows that the Western mind is awakened to the beauties of Islam. The world has opened its arms to receive the Truth, and Muslims are only wanted to offer it.