Notes: Missionary Activities

The Light (Pakistan), 16th July 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 15, p. 1)

In spite of the huge propaganda work which is carried on by the Church in India, the Christian missionaries are not yet satisfied, and want to reinforce their efforts, especially with the Muslims of Bengal.

In a recent issue of the Missionary Review of the World, Rev. George William Brown has contributed a very able article on “India as a Mission Field” and has concluded it with these appealing words:

“If success emphasises the need of workers, so does lack of it.

Missionaries have not yet been strong enough to minister much to the less responsible people in India.

Bengal, one of the oldest fields in India, is one of the most poorly occupied, because half of its 46,000,000 in­habitants are Mohammedan, who yet hold to their faith in the Arabian Prophet. Everywhere Mohammedans are neglected. Is it not time to begin earnestly among them?”

These words speak for themselves.

We would only like to know what the Muslims intend to do in order to counteract the activities of the Christian missionaries. We are sure that if a Muslim is well-informed about his religion, he can hardly fall victim to an evangelist. But the pity is that Muslims are generally ignorant of the tenets of their Faith.

One of the objects of The Light is to enlighten our co-religionists on matters religious. Therefore, the easiest method of counter-acting the missionary activities among the Muslims of Bengal is its free distribution there. Will the Muslims of the Punjab arrange for it?