Book Review: The Greatest Man

The Light (Pakistan), 1st August 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 16, p. 4)

This is a small treatise of about sixty pages by Mr Abdus Salam Khan, Assistant Master at the Anjuman High School, Nagpur.

In this booklet, the writer has described the different aspects of the Holy Prophet’s [pbuh] character and work, and has proved that he was the greatest man that humanity ever produced.

The salient feature of the book is that it supports its findings with the opinions of Western scholars of Islam like Muir, Sale, and Carlyle, which, coming from hostile pens, must carry weight with every judicious mind.

The style wants a little improvement, but as the author is only twenty, we must congratulate him on his success.

The book can be had from the author at annas 8.