Notes: The Influence of Islam

The Light (Pakistan), 1st August 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 16, p. 1)

There are so many arguments for the truth of the Holy Prophet [pbuh] and his teachings; but perhaps the most convincing of them is the entire change which Islam brings about in the life of its followers. The reformation wrought by the Pro­phet [pbuh] in the wild children of Arabia stands still unique in the history of the world. But even now Islam has a tremendous influence over its adherents. It certainly does mould the character of people.

Mr Blyden, writing on his travels in Africa, observes:

“The transition from Moslem [Muslim] to pagan districts was striking; on leaving a pagan and entering a Moslem community, we at once noticed that we had entered a moral atmosphere widely separated from and loftier far than the one we had left: we discovered that the character, feelings and con­ditions of the people were profoundly altered and improved.”