Notes: Muslim Mission in Germany

The Light (Pakistan), 16th August 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 17, p. 2)

Our readers will be pleased to learn that Mr Abdul Majid, M.A., who lately proceeded to Germany for the propagation of Islam, has now reached Berlin.

As there were certain difficulties in obtaining his passport from England, and even at present it is not known for how long he is allowed to stay in Germany, Kh. [Khwaja] Kamal-ud-Din has also accompanied him in order to help him in obviating such difficulties and to advise him in his noble work. We are thankful to Khwaja Sahib for the interest he has taken in and the time he has spared for this new mission at the cost of his own work at Woking, and hope that through his interest, Islam will make a rapid progress in Germany.

In conclusion, we should like to request our Muslim brethren to help us in the propagation of Islam, both with prayer and money.