Notes: The Position of Christianity

The Light (Pakistan), 16th August 1922 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 17, p. 1)

A correspondent of the Epiphany, while commenting on the views of Mr C.F. Andrews with regard to Christianity, observes:

“Christianity claims a unique place for itself and its founder, and although Christian thinkers are feeling more and more disposed to do justice to other religions of the world, they never allow anything which savours of a compromise as to the position of Christ.”

It would have been better if the writer had explained the “place” of Christianity and the “position of Christ.” So far as the Bible is concerned, Jesus appeared as a divine teacher to the Israelites, and his mission, in his own words, was “to complete the law.” This shows that he was not the founder of a new religion, but the follower of the old law to which he made certain amendments.

We are unable to understand what is the queer “position” of Jesus Christ which makes it impossible to admit any compromise, Will the Editor of the Epiphany be good enough to enlighten us on this point.