Notes: Angora [Ankara] and Islam

The Light (Pakistan), 16th January 1923 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 2, p. 2)

We are glad to read the following in the Near East:

“The Angora Government appears to be bent on making a serious effort to propagate Islamism and has appointed a committee of Ulema [Ulama] to consider the subject.

At the same time, a ‘Council for Examination of Litigious Questions’ has been formed for the purposes of:

  1. defining the position of Islam in relation to modern developments;
  2. developing Islamic doctrine, having regard to the necessities of the age; and
  3. the promulgation of Fatwas, which, it is proposed, shall henceforth be drawn up by the Council in accordance with the doctrines of the four principal Sunni sects.

The carrying through of this programme might very well have far-reaching results on the Moslem [Muslim] world, and though we need not expect to see any return of that great wave of fervour that bore the Arabs to Spain and threatened to engulf Europe, we may see a further tightening of the bonds that already bind Moslem lands together. That need not involve any threat to non-Moslem lands, and, indeed, if the Council succeeds with points (a) and (b) of its programme it might bring about better relation — through better understanding — between Moslem and non-Moslem peoples.”