Notes: The Reports of our Missionaries

The Light (Pakistan), 1st February 1923 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 2)

The reports which we have now received from our missionaries reveal that there is a great field for work in the United Provinces.

One of our workers reports from Agra [India] that the population of the 450,000 people in question is scattered all over the province, and they are called Malkanas. These people had fraternal relations with the Muslims before, and used to dine with them. But now they have begun to despise the Muslims and are at the verge of being absorbed into the Hindu community. They do not now go to the Muslim houses and do not touch their eatables.

The Hindu Maha Sabha, under the influence of the Arya Samaj, has resolved to take them back to the Hindu community simply with a political view.

Now evidently, it is the duty of the Muslims to do what lies in their power to save these people from polytheism. They are generally poor, and of low caste. Therefore the relief work can be of immense value to raise their social status and thus make them good citizens of Islam.

Another missionary who has pro­ceeded to Gurgawan says that some Arya Samajists are working zealously in the Mawat territory and are trying to convert Mews to the Vedic religion.

There is also great need for the dissemination of the Islamic doctrines among the Gujjars of Gurgawan.