Notes: Islam in Nyassaland/Nyasaland [Malawi, Africa]

The Light (Pakistan), 16th February 1923 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 1–2)

We read the following in the Moslem World:

“More than twenty years ago,” writes a mission­ary from Zanzibar [Tanzania], “it was discovered by the British authorities that Mohammedanism was penetrating Nyassaland, and that it was the work of Arabs from Zanzibar.

Although they were thoroughly anti-European, nothing was done to interfere with them, for fear of trouble elsewhere, with the result that ten years later almost every village in southern Nyassaland had its Moslem [Muslim] teacher and its mosque hut. In certain parts of the diocese of Zanzibar Mohammedanism is especially strong. Thus, in Zigualund, as could be seen from the account given last autumn in Central Africa by the Bishop of Zanzibar [Tanzania] of his tour through that country, it counts a large number of adherents, and is a great obstacle to Christian advance.

It is clear, however, from what the Bishop said, that it is a very low and unintelligent type of religion, with small effect on conduct, and is very different from much of the Mohammedanism in a town like Zanzibar.

The increase of Islam will mean the decrease of Christ­ianity. Nothing hardens the mind more against the Catholic faith. One particular need of the Church in Africa today is trained missionaries against Islam; men familiar with the whole controversy, equipped with the necessary learning, and conversant with the languages.”

The above is, in fact, a testimony from the pen of an enemy to the inherent beauties of Islam which penetrate the human heart. It also shows enthusiasm with which the Christian missionaries are determined to work against Islam and check its progress.