Notes: Moslems [Muslims] and Anti-Christ

The Light (Pakistan), 1st March 1923 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 5, p. 1)

The Missionary Review of the World writes under the above title:

“Rev. Arthur Upson, of the Nile Mission Press in Cairo, quotes a pamphlet on Moslems [Muslims] and Anti-Christ written by an educated Moslem in Medina, which is being distributed in Cairo, as typical of the unhappy, unformed, half-conviction of many simple, sincere Moslems that the days of the Great Apostasy are near at hand, and that there is no religious Islam left!

Every Moslem holds that after Anti-Christ has appeared, Jesus the Messiah will come back, and they have located the place of His descent.

The following incident in Mr Upson’s experience is somewhat parallel: ‘When distributing tracts in an Upper Egypt railway train, near Suhag, two Moslem Sheikhs were very interested in my Gospel Purity Movement, and warmly commended my preaching Christ in the brothel streets of Cairo. I challenged them, if their religion were the true one, to go and preach Islam to the drunkard and the harlot. They replied that they would give me one dollar as a donation because of my sincerity and courage, but added: ‘we cannot rebuke men for their sins, and preach to them, because our Islam has no power in it; there are no real Moslems left.’”

This is surely an echo of despair from Muslims over which the Christian propag­andists are rejoicing. Their joy is two­fold. First, “there is no religious Islam left,” and second, it is Jesus Christ who “will come back.” But perhaps neither the Editor of the Missionary Review of the World, nor the author of the pamphlet knows that Jesus the Messiah “has appeared, and has left behind him a strong com­munity who are busy in destroying the “Anti-Christ.”

Are not the Indian Muslims yet con­vinced that they should now lose no time to come to the following of the Promised Messiah who is universally awaited?