Notes: Split in the Christian Missions

The Light (Pakistan), 1st March 1923 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 5, p. 1–2)

The dogmatic Christianity of the day is a collection of beliefs and rituals which are absolutely in contradiction to the beauti­ful and divine teachings of Jesus, and yet these are ascribed to the name of Jesus. We think the religion that goes by the name of Christ is really Anti-Christ, because it is quite against the teachings of Jesus. This is the Anti-Christ which was foretold by the Holy Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)], and he also predicted that it would melt by itself as salt melts in water. This prophecy has come out pre-eminently true. Christ­ianity of the day cannot withstand the searchlight of knowledge and science. Even the clergy are divided on “doctrinal questions” as is clear from the following lines of the Missionary Review of the World:

“The leading British missionary societies are at present torn by controversy over various doctrinal questions. Conservative Baptists charge that the officials of the Baptist Missionary Society are dis­regarding the Gospel. The London Missionary Society has been compelled to send a deputation to India to investigate reasons why the missionaries are issuing hymns and prayers from which the name of Christ has been deliberately omitted. The Church Missionary Society has the most serious disagree­ment, since the conservative constituency profess to find ‘fumes of modern unbelief finding their way into the ranks of the C.M.S. [Church Missionary Society].’ These wish not only the officers of the society, but also the missionary candidates, to subscribe to a belief in the infallibility of the bible, but proposes to make an exception of the first three chapters of Genesis. The Dean of Canterbury has resigned as Vice-President, and others of the more moderate evangelicals have also resigned. A committee has been appointed which has the delicate task of trying to bring together the various angles of sentiment.”