Spain Muslim Mission: A Suggestion

by Mr. Mazher Husain, C.M.O., Banganapalle, India

The Light (Pakistan), 1st June 1934 Issue (Vol. 13, No. 21, p. 1)

Mr. Mazher Husain, C.M.O., Banganapalle [India], writes:

“Regarding my promise of remitting contributions towards the Spain Mission Fund collected from my friends here together with my own (vide, The Light, dated 1-5-31 and 8-5-34) I am glad to inform you that Mr. Muhammad Abdul Mannan Khan Durrani (son of Khan Bahadur Muhammad Habeeb-ullah-Khan Sahib Bahadur, the Dewan of Banganapalle), a young student and embodiment of enthusiasm for the propagation of Islam, has come forward to do his bit of service for the Spain Mission.

He tells me that he has applied to you for receipt books and a letter of authority to collect funds for the Mission. He is so very enthusiastic over this sacred service, that even before the receipt books have arrived he has begun collecting subscriptions in right earnest. A sum of Rs. [Rupees] 300 has already been collected and there is a great hope of enhancing this amount, as our young friend is planning to tour the surrounding villages and towns, in his own car, collecting subscriptions.

In this connection, I would like to suggest:

  1. that every volunteer be supplied with a badge on which a picture of the Al-Hamra [Alhambra] is depicted as a distinguishing mark;
  2. that volunteers be supplied with picture-cards bear­ing pictures of different historical places of Muslim Spain, example, the Great Mosque of Cordova, the Al-Hamra [Alhambra], and the Qasr-uz-Zuhra, printed on them, for sale to the Muslim pubic, in the same way as they sell poppies in England on Poppy days;
  3. that one full page be dedicated in every issue of for the splendour that was Spain. With this object in view, I am enclosing herewith a short description of the Great Mosque of Cordova, hoping that other readers of The Light will follow my example.

N.B.—The Imperial Bank of India is the nearest bank of this place, so please advise if the amount collected from time to time could be deposited in it on behalf of your Anjuman.”

Note from the Editor:

Yes! Collections may be paid to the Imperial Bank with instructions to credit the same with the Lahore branch of the said bank to the account of “Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam, Lahore—Spain Muslim Mission Fund.”