Spain Muslim Mission: Spain Thrill

by Mr. M. A. Rahman, Nellore, India

The Light (Pakistan), 1st June 1934 Issue (Vol. 13, No. 21, p. 1)

Mr. M.A. Rahman writes from Nellore [India]:

“Oh! What a thrill of joy it sent through me when I came to know that you have given me a chance to perform my humble duty for the cause of humanity—to serve in the cause of Islam for which every Muslim is born. I am very anxiously waiting for the Receipt Books which you promised to send. Please do send them early, and with these please send a letter of authorization also, authorizing me for the good cause of collecting the holy fund—‘The Spain Fund.’ I am just going over to Nellore for the holidays and you can as well send the books there, the address for which I am giving here.”