Jesus — Who was He?

by Dhan Raj

The Light (Pakistan), 8th February 1937 Issue (Vol. 16, No. 6, p. 2)

Methinks [it seems to me], he had wonderful love in his heart. He saw the sorrow of others and his heart bled. He saw the sick and he suffered with them. The dukkha [pain] of this world entered into his heart. What could he do?

He was a young man. His life was pure. He was so simple and humble. He lived in a humble village. He served his mother. He helped his father who was a carpenter. He feared God. He had great love for the poor whom he longed to make happy, but what could he do?

Suddenly, one day, he gets a Vision — a psychic vision. He sees God and His Kingdom of Saints. He sees that God is our Father. A father loves his children howsoever bad. God loves us.

He meditates on this Vision

“Ged loves us. He loves His creatures.”

There is hope in this message. How may people know this? How may the poor have faith in this?

He becomes a wanderer, leaves his house and goes, in his wandering, as far as India and Tibet. Gradually as he grows in God-consciousness, as he comes in contact with some Eastern rishis, he understands that man’s happiness is in loving God. To love God is to do His Will. It is the Will of God that all His creatures be happy as His Saints are happy in His Kingdom Above.

He prays to his Father, to make him His true son. This son-consciousness grows upon him. He would make others happy. He would remove the world-sorrow. He would, like a true brother who sacrifices his life for his brother, give his life for the sons of his Father.

It dawns upon him that he is sent to this earth-plane, by his Father, from His Kingdom, in order to give his life for the sinners whom God loves as His sons. He becomes aware that he is a world-healer, a world-teacher. He is Christ.

Then, at the age of thirty, he suddenly appears in his country. What a magnetism he carries with himself. He heals the sick, he cures the lepers, he raises the dead, he loves the sinners, he lifts the fallen. He is God’s Only Son come to proclaim the Gospel that God loves us.

He proves the Love of God for His creatures by his actions. He, the Son, represents his Father.

This Father, he says, can be seen in the heart by everyone and everyone can become a son like him. Everyone can see the Kingdom of Heaven in his or her heart. Everyone can see within the Great Law of Love working in this world. Everyone can be happy: For happiness is in knowing the Father.

He gives a few simple laws which if anyone would follow would become like him a son of God and would go to heal and serve others This is salvation — he says — to go and do the will of God.

What are these simple laws? Be simple. Be humble. Be pure. Love the poor. Pray to God.

Are these laws difficult to practise? Yet we see people do not put them into practice. Because they have no faith. Men and nations, today, are unhappy because they have no faith in these simple laws. Faith is lacking.

Faith, he says, begets faith. Have a little faith, and you will see how like a leaven, it grows.

“If ye have faith even as a mustard seed,”

he says,

“you can move mountains.”

This, then, is his message in a few words: God loves you. Believe it and you will be blessed.