The Light (Pakistan):

Official Magazine of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore

16th April 1942 Issue (Vol. 21, No. 8)

Table of Contents:

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  • Notes and Comments:
    • Organise for Guerrilla Warfare
    • Pro-Japanese Sympathies among Hindus
    • A Question for the Quaid-e-Azam
    • Allama Mashriqi comes In
  • League rejects Cripps’ Proposals — What is given with One Hand is taken away with the Other — Right of Non-Accession conceded in Principle, Negatived in Practice
  • Editorial: Scorched Earth Policy and Islam
  • The Quran and the Present Calamities by Sheikh Ghulam Ghaus, Cuttack
  • Muslims of China:
    • The Origin
    • Organisations
    • In the Army
    • Islamic Countries
  • Islam — A National or International Entity? (Part 1) by Dr. Omar Rolf Baron Ehrenfels

Editor: Sher Mohammad Akhtar
Printer: Sher Mohammad Akhtar at the Ripon Printing Press, Bull Road, Lahore
Publisher: Sher Mohammad Akhtar, The Light Office, Ahmadiyya Buildings, Lahore