Massacre of Muslims in Ajmer

by Mirza Masum Beg

The Light (Pakistan), 1st January 1948 Issue (Vol. 37, No. 1, p. 5)

At this critical hour when the sober and saner sections of people of both sides are endeavouring to bring about peace and establish feelings of friendship and goodwill between the two Dominions [India and Pakistan], the news of the massacre of Muslims in Ajmer is really very disgusting. It is putting a spoke in the wheel of peace move and thwarting its noble purpose. The city of Ajmer, situated as it is, lies in the closest grip of Sardar Patel whose animosity and hatred for the Muslims has now become proverbial. The massacre of the Muslims, their banishment from their homes and all the gruesome atrocities inflicted on them, are not sporadic incidents done in the heat of the moment, but all these acts of cruelty have been executed in accordance with a carefully-planned conspiracy which Sardar Patel had hatched up, even before the division of the country, with the Akalis and the Rashtriya Sewak Sangha reactionaries. The massacre of the Muslims of Ajmer was a foregone conclusion; it has been enacted a bit too late.

Sometime back the blood-thirsty hounds of this group crossed over the Jumna River and reached Saharanpur where they wanted to shed the blood of the Muslims. But the Collector who happened to be a good Christian would not permit it. He was, for this insolence on his part, taken to task by the Higher Authorities and so the conscientious officer had to resign his post in order to preserve his conscience. The Patel Government, then appointed a full-blooded Hindu Mahasabhite officer who connived at the execution of their deadly programme against the Muslims.

The Muslims who have been hounded out of Ajmer, took refuge in Sindh. It was but natural that their harrowing tales should react and recoil on the heads of the Hindus living in Sindh. But the Government of Sindh took precautionary measures and gagged the mouths of the Muslim refugees even rounding up some of them who tried to excite communal feelings.

Ajmer which is now in the hands of Sardar Patel’s impetuous imps, is a sacred place of the Muslims. It contains the holy shrine of Hazrat Moin-ud-Din Chishti which is held in great reverence not only by the Muslims of Pakistan and India but also by the Muslims all the world over. Any outrage against the sanctity of this shrine will not be tolerated by the Muslims. The Government of India will be well-advised to take strong measures for the protection and safety of this holy place.