Maulana Muhammad Yakub Khan Returns Home

The Light (Pakistan), 1st January 1960 Issue (Vol. 39, No. 1, p. 8)

Maulana Muhammad Yakub Khan, till recently Imam of the Shah Jehan Mosque Woking, Surrey, England, has returned to Pakistan after a year’s stay at Woking, England. This was his third visit as the Imam of that world-renowned Islamic centre in the West. In 1925 he went as the Assistant Imam and worked there for two years. Again, in December 1956 he went as the Imam. During all these three visits, he proved his worth of a commanding pen and an influencing intellectual approach to the western mind.

A retired Lieutenant commander of the Royal Navy, Mr. Ahmad P. Robinson, commends the Maulana in the following words:

“Alas! We are to lose our highly respected Imam to you soon. But our loss will be your gain indeed, and Muhammad Yakub Khan, will always remain, particularly for English Muslims, a most fragrant memory of a great Muslim personality and a worthy and beloved brother in Islam.”