The New Light…

by Naseer Ahmad Faruqui

The Light (Pakistan), 24th February and 1st March 1976 Issue (Vol. 56, Nos. 8–9, pp. 17–18)

With the previous issue, we have launched the new “Light”. It had been felt for some time that this paper was not serving the purpose for which it had been started. In any case, the passage of over half a century in the life of this Journal called for a review of the service it was rendering. As a result of the review, the Anjuman has decided to put more life, light and variety in this periodical. It has further been decided that the paper should not only cater to the educat­ed classes of this country but also those abroad.

Instead of one Editor, there will now be a Board of Editors, although the Editor directly responsible will be one. The others will contribute to the paper. Because this Journal will also cater to the intelligentsia abroad, the Anjuman has invited certain gentlemen living abroad to join the Board of Editors. But we appeal to all readers to lend us their cooperation, and to contribute articles, news and views to this Journal. The Holy Quran directs all Muslims to

“cooperate with one another in doing good and (spreading) piety” (5:2),


“O you who believe, be helpers (in the cause) of Allah” (61:14).

We seek that help and cooperation from all our readers.

Especial responsibility lies on our missionaries abroad to contri­bute articles to this central organ of their Jamaat, which, we hope and pray, will Insha-Allah cater to the intelligentsia throughout the world. Apart from articles, monthly re­ports of their missions and local Jamaats will add much to the interest and variety of this paper, and also give wide publicity to their activities. If their activities act as an incentive to others to follow their good example, their reward in the eyes of Allah will be double, as mentioned in the Holy Quran.

We will be interested not only in religious articles but also in scienti­fic, cultural or socio-economic de­velopments that conform to the truths and sublime guidance of the Holy Quran, to show to the world that it could not but be the word of God, the Light that alone can lead the world now groping and grovell­ing in the dark. For instance, a letter appeared some time ago in a British newspaper from two profes­sors of economics, one of them British, that the Islamic system of Zakat may offer a good solution for the better distribution of wealth. That would have been of interest to us.

Science is developing fast and disclosing new vistas into the un­known. For instance, the now generally accepted theory that, runn­ing parallel to the material world, is the world of anti-matter is of great interest to us. What the materialistic scientists themselves are constrained to describe as anti-­matter may prove to be the spiritual world running parallel to the material world. And so on. What is required is that our missionaries, our contributors and all those who have the cause of Islam dearest to their hearts should please keep their eyes and ears open, and pass on to us all matters (news, discoveries or thinking) which help to promote Islam.

Lastly, we wish to revive the old column of “Questions and An­swers”. All readers who have any questions to ask about Islam, about Ahmadiyyat or about anything which is disquieting their minds should not hesitate to ask us for such light as we can give them.

In the end, we request our readers to join us in our prayer to Allah, the Almighty, to guide us, help us and bless our humble efforts. Ameen.