Ahmadiyya News

The Light (Pakistan), 1st/8th March 1979 Issue (Vol. 59, Nos. 9–10, p. 22)

  1. Dr. Nazir-ul-Islam, the Imam and Missionary Incharge, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam (Lahore) UK, re­turned to UK on 8th February 1979 after availing two months leave ex-Pakistan. He has resumed his missionary activities.
  2. Mr. Shahid Aziz, Secre­tary, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam (Lahore) UK left for UK on 8th February 1979 after about 40 days’ stay in Pakistan. Earlier, Mrs. J. Khan, the President of the Ah­madiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam (Lahore) UK who had come to attend the Annual Jalsa [Gathering/Convention] in December 1978, return­ed on 6th January 1979. During their stay in Pakistan, both the President and Secretary of the UK Jamaat had meet­ings with the Foreign Missions Com­mittee and the Executive Committee of the Central Anjuman at Lahore where in matters of mutual interest were discus­sed and ways and means for accelera­ting the work of propagation of Islam were decided.
  3. Mrs. J. Khan, the President of the UK Jamaat, in a letter to the Assistant Editor “The Light” informs that:

Mr. Aziz Ahmad, member of the Executive Committee, UK Jamaat, on his return from holidays in Guyana is suf­fering from skin rashes and Mrs. Aisha Ismail, a member of the Jamaat broke her arm by slipping on a road during the heavy snowfall in London. The good news is that a lot of demands for literature are pouring in.

Readers are kindly requested to pray for the early recovery of our UK members.