An Appeal

by Prof. Sa’ad Akhtar (Joint Secretary)

The Light (Pakistan), 8th February 1980 Issue (Prophet Number) (Vol. 60, No. 3, p. 28)

Our Fortnightly Magazine “THE LIGHT” is a very potent source for the propagation of our beliefs. It is performing an im­portant function for the last 66 years. It has been publishing articles on the faith of Islam. The Anjuman spends a lot of money annually on it, but I am at a loss to point out, it is run­ning into a constant loss.

It is, therefore, requested that after taking into serious conside­ration our duties towards the up­lift of the Jamaat you will please help the paper to be self-suffi­cient. Under these circumstances you are requested to:

  1. Please see that every mem­ber of the Jamaat who is well versed in reading English may subscribe for the magazine.
  2. Broadminded educated and religious people from outside the Jamaat may also be appro­ached to subscribe as the paper enlightens the dark souls to the right path of Allah.
  3. In future annual subscrip­tion may be paid regularly. Rs. 25/- [Rs. = Pakistani Rupees] a year for this purpose is a very meagre amount. You make sacrifices for the cause of Anju­man in many other ways, twenty-five rupees a year may be spared for this purpose as well.
  4. Well to do educated mem­bers of the Jamaat may be re­quested to subscribe not only for themselves but for others who happen to be their friends.
  5. Missionaries, Secretaries and Presidents of the branches of the Jamaat are requested to collect the subscription and approach more members to subscribe for the same.

In the end it is very much ex­pected of you that you will kind­ly pay heed to my request as ela­borated above and save the paper from the monetary loss under which it is being published. I pray to God Almighty that this heart-felt appeal of the under­signed will receive your kind attention and you will help in raising the membership of the subscribers of “The Light”.

Prof. Sa’ad Akhtar, Joint Secretary.