Promised Messiah’s Prophecy of Triumph and Victory of Islam against Alien Sciences and Cults

Extract from the writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (Pakistan), 8th March 1980 Issue (Vol. 60, No. 5, p. 5)

“In this age there is raging a severe conflict between the forces of religion and science. Noticing the onslaughts science is making on religion, there should not be the least disheartening and disappointment. It must be remembered that in this conflict Islam need not make compromise with alien forces like a vanquished and fallen foe. On the contrary, let this prophecy be kept in mind, that this age being one of the spiritual sword of Islam, Islam once again is bound to come out victorious in this conflict also, as it has shown its prowess previously, that its foes would soon be routed ignominiously so that Islam would triumph over all alien forces. However severe the on­slaughts of science be and no matter with what new weapons the modern sciences may make attacks, defeat is ultimately decreed for them.

“I assert it with God’s gratefulness that I have been blessed with the knowledge of the superior excellences of Islam, on the strength of which I can assert that not only Islam would safeguard itself from the onslaughts of the new sciences but would soon prove the falsity of such concepts. Indeed, Islam has absolutely no cause to be afraid of the attacks which new sciences and philosophy are making. The days of its glory are near at hand and I am already witnessing the signs of its victory in the heavens. This glory is spiritual as is this victory spiritual. So that the Divine-forces of Islam might weaken the contrary forces of false sciences to such a degree as to crush them entirely. I am at a loss to un­derstand as to how and from whom you have learnt that the concepts which modern science and philosophy have coined are superior to Islamic principles?

“Remember truly, that these sciences possess only an incomplete weapon of inductive logic and reasoning, where­as Islam has to its credit, not only all this in its completeness but has also other heavenly weapons in its support. What cause for alarm then be for sake of the faith of Islam!” (Aina-i Kamalat-i-Islam, 1891)