Malice Develops into Vengeance

by Prof. Habib-ur-Rahman, M.A., Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

The Light (Pakistan), 8th September 1980 Issue (Vol. 60, No. 17, pp. 19–20, 22)

The crimson glow of innocence fades very soon when the human mind is carried away by an unappeasable frenzy of vengeance. The bloom of chastity changes into lurid and dismal light if we breathe the air of blighted morals, without a blush of shame. When vengeance throws even the thin­nest veil over our sullen hearts, we automatically burst out with rage. The furious blows of vengeance kindle a riotous flame in our cankered minds. Consequently, fear of God is swept away with the fury and violence of a revengeful heart. Individuals and nations die of slow and lingering pangs of death, when this shameless wickedness gets the upper hand.

With the growth of malice, revenge unrolls itself in our hearts. Malice is the most diseased specimen, which eats into the vitals of religion, and wears no veil to conceal its loathsome pre­sence. At times this vice is draped in the livery of virtue, so that Divine precepts are held up to public mockery. Little wonder this infection spreads with the help of Satan, sinking down to the common man, who is filled with revenge. This undisguised malady is reflected in our souls and we unblushingly derive pleasure. Only God can root out the poisonous weeds of malice and vengeance, which have deeply settled in our ruined hearts.

It was vengeance which was aroused in the hearts of Joseph’s brothers. They threw innocent Joseph into the bottom of a well. Malice and vengeance worked up in the morbid mind of Pharaoh, who marched hard at the heels of Israelites to kill them, or to bring them into bondage. But God saved Moses’ followers, who found their way on the other side, being untouched by the turbulent waves of the river Nile. Pharaoh and his army were encircled by the on-rushing waves of the river. They drowned and were dashed into the fire of Hell. Out of malice and vengeance of the heathens, Lord Abraham was enveloped by the burn­ing flames of fire, but God commanded the fire to extinguish, without touching the body of the Prophet.

Who does not know the bloody drama played out in Iran, and the ultimate expulsion of King Raza Shah Pahlavi from his throne. The oppressed people of Iran took the right course. But malice and vengeance in full force, flashed a ghastly light into the souls of the American Chiefs. Now when the load of fear has rolled away by the King’s dethronement and his dis­appearance, the Iranians (though sadly outraged by America) are sincerely advised to cease creating any sensation, which is likely to start a ruinous war. Wreaking vengeance against the Shah is a poor substitute for the noble attribute of forgiveness. Let God alone take revenge on the sinful monarch. In our lowliest prayers we wish glor­iously triumphant future for the people of Iran. Let them rise above petty bick­erings, and with a magnanimous heart release the hostages to earn God’s good will. This action is the only high road to win Divine favour.

Again vengeance between Iraq and Iran have assumed a questionable shape. The bloodiest skirmishes between Mus­lim countries constitute a grave and terrible danger for the future of both neighbours. On the one side, Soviet Russia is engaged in subjugating Af­ghanistan by mercilessly killing the pat­riotic Afghans, on the other side Ame­rica is threatening Iran to bring her to submission by the use of her military power. Let both Iran and Iraq open their minds’ eyes and with a calm and imaginative outlook, put to an end their ill-conceived and ill-omened rivalry. Good sense must prevail on both sides. High statesmanship and Islamic brother­hood, under the garb of our Holy Pro­phet’s Divine graces, should unleash Godly virtues of Mercy and Forgiveness in both the rulers — Ameen!

Under the false pretext of safe-guard­ing the country of Afghanistan, the As­saulters filled with malice and vengeance are determined to hold in leash the Afghans, and bring them under the fold of Communism. The Brutes of the earth cause a shuddering thrill in us, because their armies have spread an awful darkness of the shadow of death, which closes around the brave Afghans. Ruthless slaughter, poisonous gases and flaming fire on the part of the Soviet armies have smothered the Afghan fighters, but their invincible spirit keeps them up. Heaven knows what kind of fate is in store for Afghanistan. Let us all pray to God for the ultimate success of ‘Muhajereens’ (The Emigrants), who want to keep intact the religion of Islam in their country. May the patriotic Afghans live long, and crush the forces of Evil from their motherland!

Let us reform and ennoble ourselves. With a pure mind, let us lie prostrate before Almighty God for seeking eter­nal protection from the super powers. It is only God, Who can only save us from the evil designs and expansionist instincts of these powers. Hence best efforts should be made on our part to please God, by actively and sincerely carrying out His precepts. Mere resolu­tions, on the part of Foreign Ministers of Islamic countries, are null and void, so long as we Muslims discarding all sentiments of malice and vengeance, do not submissively pray to the Lord of Cre­ation for the remission of our sins, and for inspiring us with courage arid strength to keep at bay our enemies.