Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health in the Light of the Holy Quran

by Saminah Azeez, London

The Light (Pakistan), 24th February 1981 Issue (Vol. 61, No. 4, pp. 8–9)

“Health is wealth” goes the popular English proverb, and no doubt, is agreed upon by many. But are we aware of the precise definition of the word ‘health’, and the various contexts in which it can be used? The fact of the matter is that the usage of this significant word of the English language varies. According to the Concise Oxford English Dic­tionary ‘health’ is defined as ‘so­undness and condition of body.’ The actual word is thought to originate from a German word, hailaz meaning ‘whole’.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary obviously considers ‘health’ only in relation to physi­cal welfare and physical well-being. However, if we review the science of Psychology, we can evidently see how closely the mind associates with the body. So much so that the condition of one’s mind reflects upon one’s physical health and vice versa. For example, if a person is overcome by anger, his blood will circulate at a rapid pace and will rush towards his face, which will, consequently, redden his complexion. This example manifests a link between body and mind, therefore determining the fact that mental health is just as fundamental as physical health, if not more so. Thus we see the significance of mental health and what a large role it plays in everyday life.

Now we come to a third type of health. A health that is rarely discussed, particularly in the West. A health that is of immense importance to man, both as an individual and in conjunction with humanity, namely spiritual health. But what exactly is the spirit and why is it so momentous? The spirit as defined by the dictionary is the intelligent or immaterial part of man. The state of one’s mind is the ulti­mate consequence of the condi­tion of one’s soul or spirit. Thus it is vital for the soul to be heal­thy, in order to retain health in the mind.

As has been proved through­out the years, the Religion of Islam can keep one’s spirit in good health. Nowadays, especi­ally in industrialized and moder­nized countries, people are suf­fering badly from spiritual ills such as jealousy, hatred and self­ishness, which is the principal reason why they cannot find that which they seek—peace of mind. Peace can only be regained if one is at peace with himself, with those surrounding him and with God.

However, unfortunately, a con­siderable number of people are disregarding religion all over the world and as a result of pres­surized circumstances are turn­ing to psychiatric aid. Islam is a fair and just religion which, if followed sincerely, can cure such diseases of the soul. Many people in the West have acquir­ed the wrong values, and as for morality, it seems to be fading away, and if this continues it will ultimately diminish. Follow­ing Islam by praying and having a sincere faith in God can ulti­mately dispel all vices from a person’s heart and eventually purify the soul.