Blessed are they who Firmly Believe in the Divine Promise

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (Pakistan), 15th September 1989 Issue (Vol. 66, No. 8, cover)

“If you are able to over-power evil temptations, Allah will manifest Himself through you and will sustain you. The house you live in will be blessed and peace will descend on its walls. The city where such person lives will be blessed also. If you live, die and face difficulties for the sake of Allah and do not agitate His will in times of distress and trials and do not neglect your relationship with Him, rather submit to His will, you will truly become Allah’s chosen people….

“So, do not waste your energies. If you wholly surrender to the Divine will, I assure you that you shall become an honoured people in the sight of Allah….

“Let His Majesty enter your hearts, and faith in the Unity of God manifest through your deeds, and consequently Allah will bestow His kindness and blessings on you.

“Do not think that Allah will let you perish. You are the seed sown by His Own hands on this earth. Allah has told me that it will sprout and bloom and its branches shall spread all over and it shall become a big tree. Blessed are the people who firmly believe in the Divine promise.” (Al-Wasiyyat, pp. 22, 23)