Revival of Islam

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (Pakistan), 15th January 1990 Issue (Vol. 67, No. 1, cover)

Every unrighteous worshipper of the world, the one-eyed Dajjal having no eye for the spiritual values, will be cut and slain with the sharp edge of arguments, and Islam will obtain victory and triumph, and the same day of grandeur and glory will dawn again for Islam as it had been in the days of yore, and the sun of Islam will rise in full splendour and magnificence as it had risen before.

But it is not so at present. And it is necessary that the heaven should keep it from rising until our hearts break down and melt with excessive labour and devotedness, and we sacrifice all our comfort and ease for the sake of its reappearance, and suffer all manner of dishonour and disgrace for the honour and exaltation of Islam.

The revival and reinvigoration of Islam demand of us a sacrifice that we should lay down our life and die for its sake. Upon this death of ours depends the life of Islam and Muslims, as well as the manifestation of the Supreme Living God; and this is the very same thing which, in other words, has been given the name Islam; and it is the revival and regeneration of this Islam which the Most High demands of you.

I have a lighted lamp in my hand, one who draws nigh to me, will have a share of this light; and he who runs away from me, stricken with suspicion and surmise, shall be cast into darkness and gloom. I am the impregnable fort of this age. He who gets into me will save his life from thieves and robbers and ferocious beasts; but the man who wants to live beyond my ramparts will be confronted with death on every side, and even his dead body will not be safe from harm and hack. And who gets into me? The same one who shuns evil and adopts good; who keeps clear of crookedness and walks in the way of truth and righteousness; who sets himself free from the devil’s bondage and becomes an obedient slave of the Most High God. Everyone who acts in this wise is within me and I am within him.

(Translation from Fath-i-Islam)