Success in the Next Life

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (Pakistan), 15th May 1990 Issue (Vol. 67, No. 5, cover)

Awake, therefore, and arise, and be watchful that you may not stumble and fall, and that you may not have to set out on your last journey in a state which may in reality be the state of unbelief and faithlessness. Know and understand it clearly that the hope of salvation and success in the next life does not entirely depend upon the acquisition of this ceremonial knowledge and learning; but there is an imperative need of the heavenly light which drives away and dispels all kinds of doubts and suspicions, and puts out the flames of greed and selfish desire, and draws toward the true love, devotion and obedience of the Most High God….

It is really a matter of great regret that whatever zeal and enthusiasm you display in the propagation of these ceremonial activities and sciences, you devote not even a small fraction thereof to the heavenly dispensation. Your life has been devoted mostly to such mattes which, in the first place, have no concern whatsoever with religion, and if there be any relation, it is of a very trivial and trifling nature, far behind and below the real object. If you have those feelings in you, and the fine wisdom, which takes straight to the true goal, you should not take any rest unless you have attained to and achieved that real object.

Ye people, you have been created for the love, knowledge and obedience of the Most High God, Who is your Creator and the true object of worship and adoration; and until this thing which is the prime purpose of your creation be manifestly displayed in you, you will be lagging far behind the true salvation and success.

(An extract from Fath-i-Islam)