Seek the Pleasure of Allah

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (Pakistan), August/September 1990 Issue (Vol. 67, Nos. 8–9, cover)

An advice to those who have taken the pledge and are members of the Jama’at:

O my friends who have taken pledge and have become members of the Movement, may Allah grant you the power to do things which please Him.

Today you are small in number and are looked upon with contempt and humiliation. Presently you are passing through a trial. In accordance with established Divine practice, every effort will be made to dissuade you. Distresses will be inflicted upon you and you will have to bear all these nasty and slanderous remarks. Everyone who will inflict upon you pain through his hand or tongue will deem it a service to the cause of Religion. You will also have to face heavenly tribulations so that you may be tested in every manner.

So listen! Mere logic and reasoning will not make you triumphant or dominant. Do not resort to ridicule in retaliation to ridicule hurled at you or abuse the opponents because they abuse you. Because if you adopt these methods your hearts will become hard. You will be thus indulging in mere talk which Allah hates and despises. So do not act in the manner that you incur two curses — one of the people and the other of Allah.

Our Lord is truthful and faithful in fulfilling His promises. He shall bring about what He has promised. Although these are the last days of the world and many calamities are destined to befall, yet it is imperative that this earth witnesses all these events to come to pass as has been foretold.

Allah intends that all righteous souls, whether living in Europe, Asia, or in any other part of the world, should be drawn towards His Unity and be brought together into the fold of One Religion…. So try to achieve this objective, laying emphasis on meekness and supplication. You should seek Divine help through the Holy Spirit with complete subservience to the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and purification of your inner selves. One cannot achieve real inner purification except through the Holy Spirit. In order to seek Divine pleasure, one should abstain from indulging in sensual pleasures. Follow the path which is the narrowest of all. Do not delve into worldly pleasures as these take one away from Allah. Earn Allah’s pleasure by leading a life fraught with difficulties and hardships.