This Issue

The Light (UK), January 1996 Issue (p. 1)

Please do not throw away this issue of the Bulletin. In the next column, it gives you the details of the Jamaat’s meetings throughout the year. Please copy these into your diary for 1996. This will help you plan your diary without missing any of the Jamaat’s meetings and other functions.

The second page gives the Ramadan timetable for 1996 C.E. As in previous years, iftaris [breaking of the fasts] will be held at Dar-us-Salam every Saturday. A dars (explanation of certain verses) of the Holy Quran will be delivered before the breakfast [breaking the fast] to make sure that you do not miss the dars.

This Jamaat, is your jamaat. It can only flourish if you sacrifice your valuable time and hard-earned money to support its activities. It will only be as successful as you want it to be.

We took an oath on the hand of the Amir [Head] of the Jamaat to uphold virtue, to fight evil and, in general, to give preference to our religious values even when it means sacrifice and loss. To uphold that oath, we need to put Islamic values into practice in our own lives. We need to: not only say our salat [prayers], fast during Ramadan, give zakat [poor rate], and circumstances permitting, perform the Hajj [Pilgrimage] but also observe all other commandments of the Holy Quran. This is the purpose of these devotions. We need to speak the truth, be honest, show respect and consideration for others, etc. To some, these are minor considerations. However, remember all commandments of the Holy Quran are equally important. To quote one instance, lying leads to mistrust and mistrust destroys nations. So, remember these things. Empty prayers, those not accompanied by humility and honesty, are meaningless.